Coping in the Kitchen: Welcome to my new food blog.

Well, hello there. I thought I’d pop in for a minute while my dinner is cooking.

It’s been a while, I know, and I’m not even going to apologize. Like me, I’m sure you’ve been busy just trying to keep yourself together over the last year.

How has it already been close to a year?

These last ten months have been too much for everyone, a knife cutting into our lives, slowly fraying nearly every thread of normalcy we knew.

We’ve found ourselves at the dawn of a new year, grasping at those frayed threads, desperate for anything left of our old lives that will still hold.

For me, that’s cooking.

I’ve always found solace and release in the kitchen. That most ordinary of places is a portal where I can lose myself. Me, my thoughts, and I.

People love to offer help in the kitchen. I rarely accept–the kitchen is my dance floor and I like to dance alone. The symphony of boiling water, simmering broths, churning mixers beckons me to move fluidly from stove to oven to island. This is my orchestra; the song of my soul served over pasta, or slathered on a cake, or chopped into a salad.

Give me an empty kitchen and you bring me back to life.

Focusing on the process of gathering ingredients, chopping vegetables, searing meats, baking desserts allows my mind to wander. See, here, the anxiety dissipates–if only for an hour. My thoughts are loosened, allowed to meander instead of race, process rather than protect.

And so, it is in the kitchen, where I attend my own therapy sessions.

(Apparently culinary therapy is a thing, according to the ad that appeared on my newsfeed a few days ago. Sorry, doc, I don’t need your course to tell me it works.)


Earlier this month, I asked my social media community for recommendations of a cookbook to cook through this year. They delivered an abundance of options and I ended up with not one, not two, but three cookbooks delivered to my doorstep:

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Eat Like a Gilmore

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier

And there were so many more suggestions that I want to own eventually.

I’ve decided to start with¬†Food from My Frontier.¬†(I think–it’s such a hard decision.) I’ll cook my way through the recipes, offering my thoughts and observations about what bubbles up during those culinary therapy sessions with me, myself, and I. And, of course, I’ll review the recipes themselves.

You won’t find me apologizing for making you hungry or jealous that you aren’t sitting at the table with me. *shrugs shoulders*

Oh–theres the timer. Looks like the first recipe is almost ready for taste-testing.

I’ll be back soon with the verdict–and a story or two about potatoes, mud pies, and childhood imagination. (Did that whet your appetite for my next post? Yes? Oh, good!)

In the meantime–talk amongst yourselves. Do you like to cook? What’s your favorite cookbook or recipe?