All the Yeses: 2015 in Review


If I’ve learned anything at all this year, it’s been to stay open to the opportunities to say, “Yes!” To say “yes!” repeatedly, enthusiastically, without over-thinking it, without worrying about all the “what ifs” that might happen. Sometimes, you just need to say “yes” and let come what may. Often,  saying “yes” breaks the lock of complacency and throws open the door of opportunity.


In January, I said “yes” to moving. To packing up, to growing up, and to learning who I want to be. (Really, I moved last December–the week of Christmas–, but I didn’t actually sleep in the new apartment until after the New Year.)
In February, I said “yes” to entering a difficult season of suffering alongside my friend Susan and her family as Susan faced her final battle with cancer. To being present, to offering words of hope and love, and to wrestling through my own faith.
In March, I said “yes,” on a whim, to applying to be on Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love book launch team. And, if you haven’t already heard, that “yes” turned into a “no” that morphed right back into a “yes” via #the4500— a huge, resounding “YES!” Sometimes our “yes” isn’t answered the way we expect it to be. I’m eternally grateful that this one wasn’t!

In April, I said “yes” to accepting a handful of friend requests from strangers (*gasp*) on Facebook. (They were #the4500 admins and members, but not real-life, I’ve-laid-eyes-on-you people.) That in itself was a gigantic leap for me.
I don’t remember any significant “yeses” from May, June, or July. (I’m sure there probably were some, though.)
In August, I finally said “yes” to ordering Daring Greatly by Brené Brown.
In September, I said “yes” to believing in healing of my mental health, to balance and alignment in my mind and spirit. I said “yes” to reading Daring Greatly. Which lead to saying “yes” to calling #the4500 head cat-herder, Anna; which lead to a whole lot of other “yeses.”

“Yes” to the rebirth of my blog.
“Yes” to writing again.
“Yes” to reading again.
“Yes” to believing again.
“Yes” to living again.
In October, I said “YES!” to attending Splendid in The Hills in April. Texas, y’all. I said “yes” to Texas. I said “yes” to getting on a freaking airplane and flying to Texas to meet a bunch of people I’ve never laid eyes on in real life. I said “yes” to contacting a literary agent about a possible meet-up/consultation while she was in town. I said ‘yes” to a meet-up with Anna (that turned into a “no” eventually, but that’s okay—because I’ll meet her in April!)

In November, I said “yes” to launching a book by a woman who escaped a violent, polygamist cult. (The Sound of Gravel by Ruth Wariner.) I said “yes” to changing my perspective of people who have backgrounds far different than my own. I said “yes” to getting serious about writing my own book.
In December, I said “yes’ to bridging the gap in a relationship I’d let slip away over the past two years. I said “yes” to buying plane tickets for the first time ever. I said “yes” to picking up a calling I laid down two years ago.

I said ‘yes” many times this year.
But I also said “no.”

“No” to playing it safe,
“no” to living afraid,
“no” to isolating myself,
“no” to stifling my creativity,
“no” to believing the lies of the enemy that had entrenched me in darkness,
“no” to the expectations of others,
“no” to depression,
“no” to anxiety,
“no” to not living as the person God created and redeemed me to be.

As 2015 draws to a close, I’m so at peace with who I am in Him and how He’s working in my heart and mind. I can’t imagine the wonderful things 2016 has in store, but I’m excited to find out!
What have you said “yes” to this year? What have you said “no” to this year?







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  1. I’m dying of happiness all the way over here in TEXAS!!! Can’t wait to lay eyes on you IRL and give you one of my now legendary hugs!

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